Microsoft Continues to Lose Browser  Market
Vista Dead In Its Tracks – Windows 7 Does Better?

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The summary findings in Janco’s Browser and OS Market Share White
Paper are:

  • Firefox challenged Microsoft as no other competitor has done in quite some
    time but Microsoft seems to have addressed this

  • The SmartPhone market has taken off and users no longer have to depend on
    a PC to access the Internet

  • Users are staying current with the latest versions of IE, and Firefox via
    the automatic update feature.

  • Google’s Chrome is disappointing and has captured only a little over 5% of
    the browser market since its introduction.

  • Internet Explorer’s market share continues to fall.

  • Attacks on browsers are moving many users to the automatic update feature
    to get the latest versions of the browsers.

  • The door was open for Google with both Desktop and Chrome – it is not
    clear that the current offering by Microsoft’s competitors can do more damage
    to Microsoft browser market share.  However Microsoft must address the
    SmartPhone market to maintain its leadership position.


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