alt="Disaster Recovery Plan Template" vspace=3 align=right
src="" width=95
longDesc="Disaster Recovery Planning Template" height=123>These days, disaster recovery
(DR) and business continuity
(BC) are not abstract concepts, as the cost of a business disruption can run
into millions of dollars. What’s more, it can lead to residual problems,
including a tarnished reputation and brand.

Many organizations are not entirely prepared for disasters. They have
inadequate systems and processes in place to deal with an interruption when it
occurs. The Disaster Recovery Business
Continuity Template of Janco helps to fix this.

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As data volumes explode and instant access to systems becomes the standard
for conducting business, there’s a growing need to position disaster recovery and business continuity
at the center of IT. Organizations must build an effective strategy that’s
flexible enough to deal with today’s fast-changing business environment. They
must understand risks and potential fallout from downtime for various systems
and data classifications, and they must look at new and emerging technologies,
including the cloud.

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