Business continuity planning is one of the most crucial factors that all
businesses today must take into account in order to duck out from any uncalled
for or disastrous chain of events without experiencing too many cuts and

In simple, the benefits of business continuity planning determines an
organization’s ability to shrug off even the worst of setbacks and go about its
usual businesses it had already planned. According to a research, 4 out of 10
organizations around the world today take less than half a decade to recover and
get over a disaster that almost shattered their businesses – and the study also
emphasized on the point that without a proper continuity planning, none of these
organizations would have achieved what they achieved.

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So, it can be said that business continuity planning is not a luxury, it’s
rather a necessity to prevent any setback from getting the better of you.

Data center and information systems infrastructure are the backbone enabler’s
of most companies’ critical business processes. When organizations experience a
major disaster or disruption, ensuring operational continuity for critical
business processes requires that IT and electronic data be recovered in a timely

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