In December, employers took 1,509 mass layoff actions involving 137,839
workers. Mass layoff events decreased by 240 from November, and associated
initial claims decreased by 35,040. In 2012, annual totals for events and
initial claims were at their lowest levels since 2007.

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There is a narrow gap between the average pay of senior executives, midlevel
managers and even IT staff. Considering the salaries some hot skills are
commanding, that’s not surprising. Money isn’t necessarily the make-or-break
issue in whether a worker leaves a job. Improving relationships between worker
and boss, and more closely aligning the worker with the agency mission can
“balance or even trump” the limits on monetary compensation. Companies clearly
can’t ignore worker satisfaction with their salaries – not only those highly
skilled IT workers, but also their bosses can surely make a statement with their

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