ThousandEyes has raised $5..5 million from Sequoia Capital and angel investors for a service that pinpoints application issues between the enterprise and cloud services.

The service provides a view for how apps are delivered, and determines if the problem is the SaaS provider, the enterprise environment or the Internet. It can look across the network and determine where there may be packets dropping, high latency, bandwidth issues or other problems. This removes the guesswork that comes when cloud or enterprise parties are trying to determine how to respond to problems. A dashboard environment allows for SaaS and enterprise customers to communicate about problems and what actions need to be taken.

ThousandEyes customers are both SaaS and enterprise companies. SaaS providers log into ThousandEyes and test from different locations to determine how the app is behaving across public infrastructure. The enterprise uses ThousandEyes private agents to see what is happening internally with visibility all the way to the cloud provider.

The technology the company looks at the routing of the application by analyzing the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and correlating it to the performance of the application.

ThousandEyes has customers that include members of the Fortune 500, Evernote, Priceline, ServiceNow, Twitter, Zendesk and Zynga.

ThousandEyes does not track mobile apps, which is a certain weakness. It only works between a company’s office locations and specific points where the SaaS provider has its operations.

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