Back in September of 2000, M V Janulaitis in PSR Reviews predicted that we
were moving into a period when Orwell’s 1984 would be a reality.  Today
with the new legislation for the USA Freedom Act (replacement for the Patriot
Act), NSA data gathering, and even TV shows that show how we all can be and are
tracked.  Privacy is now a luxury that is only available in areas where
there is no cell or wifi coverage.  Two historic issue that you may want to
read are:

  • 2000 is Closer to
    1984 Than You Think

  • Face Recognition By
    Computer is a Reality

  • Electronic Sensitive Information Policy

    With identify theft and cyber attacks on the rise, you’re facing new
    pressures to protect sensitive information. In fact, in 46 states have now
    passed data security laws that apply to companies that do business with
    residents of those states. These laws are designed to protect residents against
    identity theft by mandating security practices
    such as:

    • Implementing an information security program

    • Encrypting data

    • Notifying customers in the event of a security breach that compromises
      unencrypted personal information

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