Christian Beauclair Hi I’m Christian Beauclair, Senior Developer Advisor at Microsoft Canada.  Talking with managers across Canada, we heard clearly that in today’s ever-changing IT environment and current business climate, you are tasked with finding new ways to increase productivity and reduce costs. We’ve also heard loud and clear it is a challenge keeping up with technology, what was good enough in the past just isn’t meeting the needs of the current workforce. Flexibility is the key with user and customers demanding more from IT. Yet, it is up to you to deliver solutions and enable collaboration without comprise. The bottom line is you are looking for a secure solution, not just technology to meet your needs.  We know that it is you that leads your teams to drive positive impact for your organizations and we want to ensure that we are supporting you. 

That’s why we created two programs, Align IT and Energize IT.  Align IT is focused on solution awareness and IT strategy while Energize IT is about showing you what’s possible and spark ideas from a solution perspective. Both programs support connecting you with your peers and our partners while highlighting what others are doing in an effort to support you and your organization.

This year’s focus across the two programs is on how you can leverage the Microsoft platform to help satisfy business requirements while increasing IT, developer and end-user productivity. We will be showing you from a solution perspective the value and potential of the new Microsoft Office 2010 platform, including SharePoint 2010, to take the way you work to the next level. What you can build now with Visual Studio 2010 both on premise and for the Cloud. Overall, our goal is to show you how the Microsoft platform can help you and your organization.

Sign up now for the Align IT Tour scheduled in 8 cities this March as part of the Align IT program. Registration is also coming soon for the Energize IT: From the Client to the Cloud portion of the Energize IT program. I’d encourage you to have your team subscribe to the MSDN Flash newsletter for developers and or the TechNet Flash newsletter for IT Professionals today so that in the future, you regularly hear about these programs and free offerings.

I look forward to connecting with you in the near future,

Christian Beauclair

Senior Developer Advisor, Microsoft Canada Inc.

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