Apple could be preparing to enhance the iPhone’s image search and video
calling capabilities, or even add face authentication to the iPhone, say
analysts and software usability experts.

alt="Security Manual - Sarbanes-Oxley" vspace=3 align=right
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longDesc="Security Manual Template - Sarbanes-Oxley" height=110>The iPhone
manufacturer is buying Swedish face recognition software company Polar Rose, and
if the deal hasn’t already closed then it is about to, according to a report by
Computer Sweden.

The most obvious way for Apple to use Polar Rose’s technology is for
automatically sorting images. Today, users store a large number of images in a
number of different places, on the Web, phone and PC, and automating the sorting
of those images would be a good thing for users, he said.

Apple might also use Polar Rose’s technology to improve the face recognition
function of its iPhoto photo management and editing software for the Mac.

However, the increasing processing power combined with cameras on both the
front and the iPhone 4 opens up for using the face recognition technology in
other ways. Apple could, for example, do face recognition in real-time on its
smartphone. When someone calls you using Apple’s video calling software
FaceTime, the face recognition software could identify the caller and link to
more information about the person.

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