A Retrevo survey found that 34% of iPhone owners think the “4″ in iPhone 4 stands for 4G. Admittedly, they could have been fooled by the previous 3G moniker, but still…

Twenty-four percent of Blackberry owners think their phone is 4G (which is also impossible). 61% of iPhone owners don’t actually care about 4G and will buy a next-gen iPhone with or without the service. Blackberry and Android users are also interested in the new iPhone, regardless of 4G speeds.

Retrevo’s ultimate conclusion? That 4G is confusing and not many consumers quite understand it, want it, or believe they can afford it. Sadly, given the prevalence of marketing around the 4G concept I wonder if it isn’t too soon to be flogging this technology to a world that has just gotten comfortable with Wi-Fi.

via MacRumors

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