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It’s been only a month since SimpleGeo co-founder Joe Stump left his last company, following its acquisition by Urban Airship, but he’s already launching a new product (and company) today called Sprintly. The company was actually founded in March by Stump’s co-founder Graham Blache, and Stump tells me he’s “been plotting this product for nearly a decade.”  The startup is completely bootstrapped so far.

Sprintly is a simple project management tool that is built for both software developers and other people in a company who rely on them. It is designed to remove the frustrations developers have with working in their own silo.

Traditionally, programmers use bug tracking tools and the own product-management systems, only to be bugged incessantly by non-engineers about the status of new features or fixes. Sprintly gives the non-programmers a top-level view into what the engineers are doing and how far along they are. For the developers themselves, it gives them a drag-and-drop way for keeping track of projects.

The approach reminds my of Trello, a project management service Joel Spolsky launched last September at Disrupt SF. The video demo below gives an overview of the service, which $9 per user per month after a one-month free trial.

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