Power Point has spurred a refresh in innovation from companies that know there are better way to do presentations.

You can see this innovation with new companies such as, which shows the  new capabilities that come with smart phones and tablets in presentation environments.

SlideKlowd, developed by, offers a service that creates connections between the presenter and the audience on their mobile devices or through their browsers. SlideKlowd acts s a management platform that allows the presenter a wider range of uses such as employee training, sales presentations, surveying and executive presentations.

Here’s how it works. When the audience enters an event key, it creates a connection between the presenter and the devices used by the audience. SlideKlowd offers apps for iOS and Android devices.

Once connected, the presenter knows who is attending. Through the connection they can tell the level of engagement and if they are doing other things. The service collects individual and overall information about each of the interaction slides.

The presenter can get thumbs up or down from the audience. The company will soon integrate the Twitter API to offer a new way to share a presentation.

The data is captured and presented later in an analytics report.

SlideKlowd is easy to use and provides a fresh take on presentations. The presenter gets real-time feedback. The audience can be anywhere, as long as they have a mobile device.

But te presentation market is a crowded space and that will pose a challenge for SlideKlowd. Microsoft still dominates the market and there are established providers such as Prezi and SlideRocket, which you know are thinking of new ways to broaden interaction.

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