Demand for continuity in the supply chain is growing

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Customer demand for continuity and resilience is an irresistible force. 
This became clear when a client asked us to supply an automated tool to
self-assess their thousands of suppliers.  They now use it to manage
contractual compliance in both information security and business continuity,
providing low cost oversight and intervention.  It collects detailed
evidence along the way and automatically initiates periodic reviews. 
Crucially, it requires each supplier to provide assurance that covers their own
supply chain, creating a cascade of sound practice.

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Maturity is an important dimension of this.  The survey tool
specifically asks for evidence over time, cross-checking the
depth of capability in each area, seeking commitment, certainty and permanence
as part of your business proposition.  This means you need a track record –
evidence that systematic investment takes place, that senior management is
bought-in, and above all, that what you’ve built actually works and isn’t
outdated.   This means you need a business continuity management
system or process that continually monitors and improves your

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