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One of the complaints I often hear from VCs here in Silicon Valley is that there just aren’t enough enterprise mobility startups. Clearly, with employees bringing their own devices to work in lieu of company issued Blackberries and Apple now dominating the enterprise tablet market with 88 percent of activations, there’s a market opportunity here.

Silver Spring, Maryland-based MobileSpaces is one of the few companies attacking this space and they’re raising an $8.6 million second round of funding from Marker LLC and Accel Partners. (Accel has been in a few other enterprise mobility deals like 3LM, which sold to Motorola back in 2011. They previously led MobileSpaces’ $3 million Series A with partner Rich Wong joining the board.)

MobileSpaces secures mobile apps and covers the 1.5 million apps available in both Apple and Google’s stores.

They use proprietary application virtualization technology to create a secure workspace where employees can use any mobile app — whether it’s a custom, public or built-in one.

IT administrators of companies can create policies for workspace use of each of these apps. They can remotely deploy applications, whitelist specific ones for company use and remotely remove or wipe apps from employees’ phones.

Within that workspace, these enterprise apps can run natively just like consumer ones while their data gets secured and isolated. IT managers can set up of copy and paste restrictions to prevent data leakage, separate a file system, prevent personal apps from using enterprise data and remotely wipe company data.

MobileSpaces’ technology creates a divide between the personal data of employees and corporate data. The company says that other mobile device management competitors only typically allow for employees to use a handful of apps, while MobileSpaces covers the full range of apps available in the two major stores. The company has a pretty experienced team as well with co-founder David Goldschlag formerly serving as McAfee’s vice president of mobile.

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