MobileIron is launching Anyware, a service that gives Salesforce administrators the ability to manage devices, provision them and give users access to a personal app store.

With Anyware, a CRM administrator configures devices through an interface that MobileIron has made simple enough to use without needing IT to implement.

Once configured, the user has the ability to download apps through a store with features found in most app stores such as comments, ratings and recommendations.

The Anyware service installs a certificate on the user’s device that secures it and gives administrators control. The apps are removed when the user leaves the company.

The administrator gets a record of the user, the device, the apps they are using and the content they can access on the corporate network.

The administrator can also define how the store is distributed to the user.

Anyware comes with a management platform that provides analytics that details how people are using the platform.

The basic Anyware service starts at $2 per user per month and includes the ability to configure email and passwords; distribute apps through the catalog and a limited number of documents that the user can access.  The price of the service tops at $8 per user per month and includes advanced security features, the ability to buy apps in bulk and granular control over document availability

Anyware is a service that combined app stores with mobile device management. It’s distinctive in comparison to other mobile management services and app store providers by combining security that protects the organization and gives users the ability access to apps they need to get their work done.

The service can be managed by IT but it’s the simplicity of Anyware that makes it distinct. IT should not have to be spending their time managing devices and apps. That’s work that can be done by administrators in an organization’s various business groups.

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