IT Infrastructure to support digital information and ecommerce are the focus
of many CIOs

alt="Digital information and ecommerce are a priority"
src="" align=right>CIOs
and Companies are placing digital information and ecommerace as a top agenda
item for 2017.  CEOs are expecting CIOs and their IT Leaders’ help in
navigating the organization through the complex digital journey. 

The opportunity for the IT team is “now” because we are uniquely positioned
to help our companies. This new and rapidly changing world poses a talent and
leadership challenge.   Janco has already started designing career
paths for driving talent change and building required leadership skills within
the enterprise. 

title="Order IT Infrastructure Policies" class="two scalable"
alt="Order IT Infrastructure Policies"

alt="IT Job Families"
align=right>Both in an individual’s personal career planning and an
enterprise’s staffing, promotion and compensation it is important to have
benchmarks on the levels that individuals are at. To that end, one of the best
objective ways to meet this goal is to have formal job descriptions and clear
paths for promotion and compensation.

Over the past three decades Janco Associates and its principles have created
a set of over 281 IT
Job descriptions  that are viewed by many as the industry standard. As
a natural extension of that offering Janco has documented its IT job
classification system.

Order IT Job Families src=""


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