According to a security vulnerability
report by Cenzic, Of all Web vulnerabilities, 90 percent pertained to code
in commercial Web applications, while Web browsers comprised about 8 percent and
Web servers about 2 percent. Of the browser vulnerabilities,
Firefox had 44 percent of the total, but perhaps the biggest surprise was
Safari, which formed 35 percent of the browser vulnerabilities. Internet
Explorer was third, with 15 percent, and Opera was at 6 percent.

Of the published vulnerabilities in Commercial Off The Shelf
(COTS) applications, SQL Injection, and XSS were once again the most common
vulnerabilities, which is why, it is no coincidence that most of the attacks in
first half exploited these two vulnerabilities. Based on thousands of
assessments performed by Cenzic’s managed service, nine out 10 applications
continue to be vulnerable with Information Leaks, Cross Site Scripting,
Authentication Flaws, and Session Management as the most common

The top 10 vulnerabilities for the first half of 2009, included
familiar names such as Sun, IBM, SAP, PHP, and Apache.

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