The problem is, many companies devote resources to IT security
assuming that the thieves and threats are on the outside, attempting to gain
access to the network via malware and hack attempts. They ensure anti-malware
and intrusion detection/prevention systems are in place, and restrict network
access. What happens when the internal worker becomes the threat? What is needed
is a set of securtiy policies
and procedures support by an audit program that validates that they are
followed by everyone.

Data is the lifeblood of every company, and often, it’s the only
thing that differentiates one organization from another. Who has the most loyal
customers, the best service, and the most innovative strategies all boils down
to information residing on the company’s IT systems.

For companies that deal with product designs and prototypes,
it’s easy to understand how closely their information must be guarded. Strategic
plans, corporate roadmaps, and notes from a brainstorming session could also be
valuable to competitors. Personal information – of employees and customers – can
be used for identity theft and other types of fraud, if it falls into the wrong

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