Zohi Wiki, which originally launched in 2006, is getting an upgrade today, with additional collaboration features, access controls and more.

Zoho has added workspaces within Wiki to allow teams to have their own groups within organization wikis. Each workspace has its own administrative and customization options and can serve as a separate portal. Zoho has also added more in-depth access controls to wikis, which allows administrators to set permissions for Workspaces, multiple groups, individuals, domains, public, and for users within an organization. Admins can also assign separate permissions for edit, view, create and delete functions.

Zoho Wikis can now be personalized with widgets to create custom dashboards. Widgets aggregate content from YouTube, Google, Box.net as well as other Zoho apps like Zoho Calendar, Zoho Creator and Zoho Chat. Additionally, Zoho is now allowing organizations to customize their wikis with logos, images, layout and more. And the startup has turned on notifications on all the changes happening in a company’s Wiki or Workspace or a particular page.

Zoho continues to improve upon its offerings, and just launched unified search across all of its properties. This allows a user to do a keyword search across an organization’s entire suite, across multiple applications including email, documents, forums, contacts, and more. Zoho now reaches over 2 million users and is even catching the attention of its competition. And not only is the company profitable, but Zoho has never taken venture capital investment. Zoho Wiki faces competition from PBworks and others.

A few months ago, Zoho launched an application with the rollout of the Google App Marketplace and integrated Facebook Connect.

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